IF acronyms defined

AF – Aunt Flo (a euphemism for starting one’s period; IFers usually dread AF)

AFC – antral follicle count (number of pre-eggs visible under ultrasound; for the significance of AFC for predicting ovarian reserve, see this post)

AMH – anti-Müllerian Hormone (for the structure of AMH and its significance, see this post)

ART – assisted reproductive technologies (including IVF, sometimes including IUI)

BBT – basal body temperature (dutifully charting this every morning will tell you if and when you ovulated…but only after the fact, when progesterone causes your temp to rise ~0.5 degree)

BD – baby dancing, aka unprotected sex

beta – a test for hCG. I think the blood test specifically detects the beta-subunit of hCG (see this post for more about the structure of hCG; it makes sense for tests to detect specifically the beta subunit, since the alpha subunit of hCG is identical to that for LH and FSH…)

BFP (or BFN) – Big Fat Positive (or Negative; in the less sanitized version, F stands for something else; refers to pregnancy test results)

CBFM – Clearblue Fertility Monitor

CD – cycle day (CD1 is the first day of AF)

DH – dear husband

DOR – diminished ovarian reserve (or, as I prefer to call it “ovaries of a 45-year old”)

DPO – days post ovulation

EWCM or EWCF – eggwhite cervical mucous/fluid (similar to BBT or OPK, observing one’s pantyliners each day for stretchy cervical fluid that resembles eggwhites can reveal when ovulation is coming up, signaling time to BD)

E2 – estradiol (hormone that rises preceeding ovulation; CBFM detects E2 levels along with LH; for the structure of E2 and its role in predicting ovarian reserve, see this post)

ER – egg retrieval

FET – frozen embryo transfer

FRER – First Response Early Response pregnancy test (allegedly the most sensitive HPT, although this isn’t always a good thing…see this post)

FSH – follicle-stimulating hormone (for the structure of FSH and its significance, see this post)

hCG – human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is the hormone produced in pregnancy, and what is detected with HPTs. It’s also administered to trigger ovulation in medicated IUI and IVF cycles (it works due to its structural similarity to LH).

HPT – home pregnancy test

HSG – hysterosalpingogram (see this post)

ICSI – intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (the process of directly injecting a single sperm cell in a mature egg during an IVF cycle)

IF – infertile/infertility (the variant ‘IFers’ refers to infertiles)

IUI – intrauterine insemination (aka the turkey baster; sometimes AI, for artificial insemination, is used instead, but this makes me think of cattle rather than people…)

IVF – in-vitro fertilization

LH – luteinizing hormone (hormone detected in OPKs that surges ~36 hours prior to ovulation; see this post for information about the structure of LH)

MC or m/c – miscarriage

OPK – ovulation predictor kit (you POAS, and this detects your LH surge, signaling impending ovulation, and the optimum time to BD)

PG – pregnant

PI – primary infertility (IF when trying for a first child, as opposed to secondary infertility or SI, which refers to IFers who already have one or more biological children)

POAS – pee on a stick (IFers end up doing this a lot…)

RE – reproductive endocrinologist (an OB/GYN who underwent an additional fellowship to specialize in infertility)

TTC – trying to conceive

TWW or 2WW – the two-week wait (the insanity-provoking two weeks between ovulation and AF, which IFers spend Googling statistics & pregnancy signs, reading IF blogs, and hyperanalyzing every ache, cramp, pimple, yawn, bathroom trip, etc.)

US – ultrasound

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