20 weeks, and Jane’s fire truck!

Today marks 20 weeks into this rainbow pregnancy! Things are good.

We had our 20 week ultrasound on Monday and I haven’t heard anything back, so hopefully that’s a good sign?

And C decided he needed to hear Baby’s heartbeat more than once a month and bought one of those Fetal Doppler things. It’s funny, because I think I felt the baby on Thursday morning… But putting my feet up on the couch and letting C find Baby is a nice little way to end the day, so I won’t complain! 😉

Best of all, Jane’s fire truck went up at the park today!




C. Samuel approves of the new fire truck. Yesterday, when we visited while it was halfway assembled, he fretted that it was stuck in the sand, saying “We have to drive it to Baby Jane Margaret.” He was worried that she wouldn’t get to see it. ❤

As I am finishing up this post, Rainbow Baby has decided to start rocking and rolling (which at 20 weeks feels like barely anything…but still!)