The 6th time’s the charm?

Well, despite my promise, I did take a home pregnancy test last Wednesday (at 11 dpo), and I did allow myself to get excited by a faint line. (I swear it looked darker than the one last month!) And like last month, I started bleeding a few hours later, and thought “Oh well!”

But then my period didn’t progress like usual. (Light flow of super dark blood, not much red, no clots.)

So on Friday, I tested again, and damned if that line wasn’t just a little bit darker.

image1 (1)

I got the nurse to order a beta hCG test, and it came back at 89 mIU/mL. Consulted betabase (which I was happy to see came back online since last time we went through this!), and saw that 89 is about right for 13 dpo, but I was still bleeding…

Tested again on Saturday (since I was leaving for a trip to DC on Sunday), and it came back at 131 mIU/mL, which corresponds to a doubling time of about 45 hours. A little high for the doubling time at that beta, but still in the ballpark…

image3 (1)


Still bleeding, and not feeling particularly pregnant, I was very hesitant to believe that this was real. But then my awesome husband reminded me that I bled when I was barely pregnant with little C. Samuel. He was totally right! I bled for six days and was convinced that I was miscarrying. How did I forget about that?

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I got back from DC on Tuesday night and went in for another beta first thing Wednesday morning. I figured if the 45 hour doubling time held, my beta should be around 600…

It was 1023. Which means the doubling time sped up to just over 32 hours…

image4 (1)


Is this really happening?

The IUI count, and Halloween cuteness

I’m deep in the 2WW of our sixth month of natural cycle IUIs. It’s only the third cycle that went according to plan (read: including trigger shot), and the fifth that included insemination. Unlike last month, I won’t make the mistake of testing too soon (or at least if I do test, I won’t mistake a squinter for a BFP…)

In the mean time, I’ll contribute to the Halloween cuteness going around. (Those of you who are sick and tired of kids in costumes might want to click elsewhere…)


Oktoberfest party at a friend’s house the weekend before Halloween


“Harvest Festival” at C’s daycare Thursday night


Dressed as Daddy (including salt and pepper hair) for school Halloween parade on Friday


Trick-or-treating with his bestie Saturday night