Can’t believe I forgot about that!

It hardly took any time after having our baby for infertility to become a distant memory. I first noticed it when I met up with wheresmywave and found that I couldn’t answer questions about my supplements, cycles, etc. without consulting my blog. But clearly, I underestimated just how much I had forgotten…

Today, at 10 dpo, I got impatient and decided to do an HPT. I distracted myself with Facebook for the requisite 3 minutes (since last time I got tricked by the disappearing early line), and then picked up the test and saw the faintest squinter of a line.

I took a shower, then checked again – still definitely a line.

I finished getting ready – still a line.

I got the baby, gave him his morning cup of milk, and checked again – still a line.

So I emailed Dr. Y’s office and asked his nurse to order a blood test for me.

I told C the news, dropped the baby at daycare, fantasized about a sibling for little C. Samuel on the way to the doctor’s office for a blood draw, drove to work and prepped for my class.

And my period started.

And then I remembered this.

How the heck did I forget about that?!


I did it!

So…I did it!


Here’s hoping the Universe sees fit to reward my bravery! 😉

A new first

Tonight (well, technically tomorrow at 2am), I get to do my first trigger shot on myself! C is up in the Bay with the little guy and I can’t bring myself to ask a friend to do it at that hour, so…trigger shot in the upper thigh it is!

I’m a little terrified, but feel inspired to do it by our friend Willy. For the last trigger shot, in July, C was busy with a friend from out of town and asked poor Willy to do it! He works in construction, had no idea what it entailed, and was actually relieved when he found out the shot was only in my butt! :/ I talked him through it, “Just plunge it in, like a dart!” So I figure, I ought to be able to do it myself!

In case you’re keeping track, this will make only our second natural cycle IUI with trigger shot since we started trying for #2 back in May. That’s because I ovulated early twice, and traveled out of state at precisely the wrong time one time. As we come up on the three attempts that we had originally agreed upon, it begs the question of what we plan to do next… But I’ll save that debate for another night, and another post.

Wish us luck!