Not pregnant

My fertility nurse took pity on me and ordered a blood pregnancy test. The result: <1 mIU/mL hCG.

Still no AF. Maybe Dr. L was right, and this is the start of menopause… 😦

Well, at least the sunset tonight was amazing. 


Another two-week wait…

I’m in the midst of yet another two week wait. In my case it’s usually more like a 10-day wait. (I’m told this is typical of DOR. Apparently our cycles get shorter and shorter until they stop altogether.) :/

I will say I find the two week wait easier with a 15-month old. Mainly because he distracts me from the constant worrying and fantasizing about my Maybe Baby. Although not completely… If I were completely distracted from babymaking, I wouldn’t be writing this now, when I really should be prepping my classes for next Tuesday’s start of the fall semester. And if I were completely distracted, then I wouldn’t have felt the need to waste two home pregnancy tests (yesterday, at 11dpo, and today, at 12dpo – both BFNs)…

But he is a pretty good (and darn cute) distraction. One who, for the last few weeks, LOVES using grown up utensils.


So while waiting for AF to arrive and ruin the party, I’ll update you all on my recent TTC adventures.

According to plan, we’ve been doing three rounds of natural cycle IUI this summer, and I’ve been sporadically taking supplements:

  • Attempt 1: June. My natural LH surge came a day before we had planned to trigger. The nurse gave me an hCG booster later that morning, and we inseminated the next day. BFN.
  • Attempt 2: July. Did natural cycle IUI with hCG trigger shot, according to plan. One mature follicle. Lining looked good. BFN.
  • Attempt 3: August. Follicle not mature enough in time to inseminate before my trip to Boston (for American Chemical Society meeting). Got positive OPK the morning I had to leave. (The nurse had said to BD for three days in a row, starting the day of the positive OPK. Since I went alone to Boston, we were only able to do 1/3 of what she instructed.)

And here we are. 12dpo, two negative tests, waiting…